Email Mayor and Council: If you don’t act today, you may regret it in the future!

May 10, 2021

Don’t sit back and let Clarington Council reduce your property value and limit the future of our municipality, without proper public notification. Adding 9,500 acres to the Greenbelt on both the east and west side of Bowmanville, along existing traffic corridors particularly along Highway #2 between Bowmanville and Courtice and Newcastle and along Hwy. 35/115 to the west and north of Newcastle will restrict needed future commercial and residential development. 80% of Clarington is already in the Greenbelt.

You can read more about Special Study Area 2 here.

Even if your land is not affected, show that you care about the future of the municipality where you live and raise your families. Act now before it becomes difficult, complex and expensive to fulfil future plans for your family, your property and our community. Take the time to let Council know you believe that the public should be properly informed of Council plans and share your views on this proposal.

Copy the following email, add the information in the spaces provided below and send the email to before the 5 pm. on Wed. May 10th.

To the Mayor and Clarington Council,

Proposing to add more land to the Greenbelt, on both the east and west side of Bowmanville, without proper public notification does not demonstrate an open, transparent Council working on behalf of the citizens. Deleting SSA 2 will not change any current zoning.

This proposal will reduce property values and severely restrict and limit any residential, commercial and industrial development along existing traffic corridors.

Clarington must continue to grow to share the burden of increasing municipal taxes, to create more jobs, industry and businesses closer to home and to reduce our need to go to Oshawa, Whitby or Port Hope to meet our future needs.

Clarington is ready for growth with the addition of Highway 407, the extension of the GO train to Bowmanville and the planned expansion of the Bowmanville Hospital.

I/we strongly request that that Special Study Area 2 (SSA 2) be deleted from Clarington’s Official Plan.



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