Notifying the public

September 18, 2019

Clarington Council passed the following motion on July 2, 2019: 

“That every landowner materially affected by the Zoning By-Law Amendments be notified of the proposed change in zoning in writing where there is an expansion of EP lands, and be invited to provide input, either through a representative or personally, regarding the proposed re-designation;”

Why have affected property owners not yet been notified in writing, in compliance with the above Motion? 

At the Council meeting on September 16th, Councillors asked the same question. Staff responded that they sent out a Memo to the Mayor and Councillors indicating that they will be reporting back to Council on this matter at the September 30th meeting of the Planning and Development meeting. 

A Memo to the Mayor and Councillors does not inform the public of this delay in notification. 

For months, interested parties have been asked to fill out Clarington staff’s ‘interested party’ form so that one would be informed of all developments regarding the zoning and mapping of rural Clarington. No notifications have yet been received by those who registered with the Municipality’s Planning department.