September 30th Motion

October 3, 2019

Below is an excerpt from the September 30, 2019 Planning and Development Committee minutes:

12.1 PSD-040-19 Next Steps on Zone Clarington

Councillor Neal left the Chair.

Mayor Foster chaired this portion of the Agenda.

Resolution # PD-130-19 Moved by Councillor Neal Seconded by Councillor Traill

That Staff shall take all steps necessary to amend Clarington’s Official Plan such that the Natural Heritage designation in Map D and Environmental Protection Area in Map A of the Official Plan for rural lands shall be limited to:

a. ProvinciallySignificantWetland;

b. Areas identified by CLOCA as being within a floodplain;

c. Areas identified by the GRCA as being within a Floodplain;

d. Land designated on the current Region of Durham Official Plan, Schedule B Map B-1 as containing Key Natural Heritage and Hydrologic Features;

e. Land which is Significant Woodland;

That Staff are to provide a memo to Council on what is not included in paragraph 1 which is mandatory under provincial legislation;

The minimum vegetation zone set out in the Greenbelt Plan shall not be included in the mapping in the Official Plan;

That Planning notify all rural property owners and residents regarding the Official Plan approved in 2017 by Durham Region, and the zoning by-law review project (Zone Clarington) by Canada Post through addressed mail services for those living in Clarington, and to owners outside the Municipality;

That Staff shall submit to Council, for approval at the next Council Meeting, a draft of the letter giving “written notice” to “every landowner materially affected” as previously directed in PD-103-19 and PD-104-19. Further that such written notice shall be in an envelope addressed to each of the landowners registered on the title of each of the properties materially affected;

Any subsequent amendments to the Official Plan taking place following an inspection by staff of properties be at no cost to the landowners for application fees;

That in accordance with the Budget Policy, Staff are authorized to re-allocate budget allocations to fund the communication in paragraph 4;

That Report PSD-040-19 be received, and that all interested parties listed in Report PSD-040-19 and any delegations be advised of Council’s decision; and

That Council’s decision and a copy of Report PSD-040-19 be forwarded to the Region of Durham, CLOCA, the GRCA, and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Yes (6): Mayor Foster, Councillor Hooper, Councillor Jones, Councillor Neal, Councillor Traill, and Councillor Zwart

Absent (1): Councillor Anderson

Carried on a recorded vote (6 to 0)