Oct. 7, 2019 Motions going to Planning and Development Committee Meeting on October 22

October 11, 2019

Resolution #C-333-19

Moved by Councillor Neal Seconded by Councillor Zwart

That the Zone Clarington amendments to the Clarington Zoning By-laws be abandoned;

That Staff shall take all steps necessary to amend Claringtons Official Plan by way of a Municipal Comprehensive Review, and with the Natural Heritage designation in Map D and Environmental Protection Area in Map A of the Official Plan for rural lands being limited to:

a. ProvinciallySignificantWetland;

b. Areas designated by CLOCA as being within a floodplain (red line on CLOCA maps);

c. Areas designated by the GRCA as being within a floodplain;

d. Land designated on the current Region of Durham Official Plan, Schedule B Map B-1 as containing Key Natural Heritage and Hydrologic Features;

e. Land which is Significant Woodland; and

f. Such other key natural heritage and key hydrologic features, natural hazards, and 30 metre minimum vegetation zone not included in (a) to (e) which are

  • mandated by provincial legislation or the Regional Official Plan; and
  • which have specifically been approved by Council; prior to the submission of the Official Plan Amendment to the Region of Durham;

That Planning notify rural property owners and residents regarding the Official Plan changes that were approved by the Region of Durham in 2017, by Canada Post mail personally addressed to each of the landowners registered on the title for each property affected for those  (i) living in Clarington; and (ii) to owners outside the Municipality;

That any amendments to the Official Plan in furtherance of this Resolution shall be at no cost to the landowners for application fees;

That, in accordance with the Budget Policy, Staff are authorized to re-allocate budget allocations to fund the communication in paragraph 3;

Prior to commencing a comprehensive amendment to the Clarington Zoning By-laws, staff report to Planning Committee on the proposed EP Zoning changes, including mapping; and that if necessary an extension be requested from the Minister;

That Report PSD 040-19 be received, and that all interested parties listed in Report PSD-040-19 and any delegations be advised of Councils decision; and

That Councils decision and a copy of Report PSD-040-19 be forwarded to the Region of Durham, CLOCA, the GRCA, and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Resolution #C-336-19

Moved by Councillor Traill Seconded by Councillor Neal

That the foregoing Resolution #C-333-19 be amended with the following changes to paragraph three:

“that the word “only” be inserted before the word “notify”; and

That the following be added to the end:

“and that the notice include what cannot be done on the Environmental Protected portion of their land as a result of the proposed Environmental Protection and that the notification clearly state what is happening on their property as a result of the zoning changes.”

Yes (6): Councillor Anderson, Councillor Hooper, Councillor Jones, Councillor Neal, Councillor Traill, and Councillor Zwart

No (1): Mayor Foster

Carried on a recorded vote (6 to 1)

Resolution #C-337-19

Moved by Councillor Zwart Seconded by Councillor Hooper

That that foregoing Resolution #C-333-19 be referred to the next Planning and Development Committee Meeting dated October 22, 2019.

The foregoing Resolution #C-337-19 was then carried on the following recorded vote:

Yes (4): Mayor Foster, Councillor Anderson, Councillor Hooper, and Councillor Zwart

No (3): Councillor Jones, Councillor Neal, and Councillor Traill