September 25, 2019

On Monday, September 30th, Clarington’s Planning Staff will be reporting to the Planning and Development Committee on Motions made on July 2nd. These include reports on no-cost site visits to correct errors in the mapping of environmentally protected areas (EP areas) and written notifications to all affected property owners, among other issues. (See Motions  – on Rezoning Clarington’s website under “News and Updates” – Motions before Clarington Council … Resolutions # PD- 103-19 and Resolutions # PD-104-19)

This is your opportunity to make your views heard. Plan to make a delegation at this meeting and express your concerns on the impacts of increasing EP areas in rural Clarington. 

There are 3 ways in which you can ask to make a delegation at this meeting. 

a) Write a letter to the Municipality’s Clerk and ask to speak at this meeting making reference to the zoning issue. This letter must be received by the Clerk before 4:15 pm on Friday, September 27th.

b) Complete the online delegation form available on the Delegation section of the Clarington website ( 4:15 pm on Friday, September 27th.

c) Contact the Clerk’s Department at (905) 623-3379 before 4:15 pm on Friday September 27th